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man locked the key inside of his car

How To Get Keys Out of Locked Car

Rushing to reach the office timely but forgot the keys sitting in the car. This is literally infuriating. If I were in this scenario, I'd rather bang my hand in the car door (Just kidding, never do this). Since you don't know what to do, I advise you to avoid panicking. There are ways to […]
rekeying lock

Changing Locks vs. Rekeying

The door lock of your house and office is the first line of defense for your safety and the security of your belongings. However, people often lose the keys or are frustrated with maintaining separate keys for the different locks. Thus, the question is, is there any alternative to replacing locks? Can there be the […]
ada door handle

ADA Door Handle Requirements

Disabled people face this regularly that they cannot even cross your door, which should not happen, and we must take responsibility for their well-being. Considering such elements and discrimination against the disabled, the US government established ADA, i.e., Americans with Disabilities Act, in 1990. The Act included rights for disabled individuals. What is the purpose […]
key inserted to a lock

Key Won't Go Into Lock - Causes and Solutions.

The most frustrating thing is coming home, and the key won't go into the lock. Whenever you face such a problem, try fixing it by yourself. There are several reasons behind the non-functioning of a key and lock system. Nuance alterations to your lock or minor things can do this to you. You won't believe […]
new car key without the original

How To Get A Key Made For A Lock Without The Original?

I think most people have experienced this at one time or another. You come home after a long car trip, ready to finally get inside, sit in your favorite easy chair, and relax, but there is a problem. You reach into your pocket, and your keys aren't there! You remember with a frustrated sigh how […]
car unlock

What Is The Cost For a Locksmith To Unlock My Car?

When you experience a car lockout, the last thing you want to worry about is how much it will cost to open your car door. The good news is that the price range for this service is relatively affordable; the average locksmith cost to unlock a car is between $50 and $200.

However, there are several factors that can affect the final price, such as the time of day, the location, and the type of lock. In this article, we'll discuss how much it costs to unlock a car door, the different factors that can affect the price, and some tips on how to avoid a car lockout in the first place.


Moving to Dallas? Home Security Tips From Professional Locksmith

One of the most challenging and frustrating things we do in our lives is moving house. Sometimes we move for a better job or a change of scenery which is excellent in the long run, but the move itself is a significant hassle. You have to prepare so much and remember everything necessary that needs […]
deadbolt lock pick

Unpickable Locks

Is Any Lock Unpickable? Anyone conscious about their safety and security will look at some point wonder if any locks are unpickable. The truth is that even if a lock is currently unpickable, it may not be so in the future. Innovative and intelligent people exist, and one day they may break even the most […]
home door lock

How Much Does it Cost To Get Your Locks Changed?

As a homeowner, one thing you need to monitor closely is your home security. The safety of your home is only as good as its locks and protections. This means that occasionally you will want to have your locks changed. This may not seem necessary if your locks are intact but think about it as […]
door latch

What To Do If Your Door Latch Is Stuck?

A stuck door latch can be a frustrating problem that no one wants to deal with or think about. However, it is essential to know how to address this if it happens to you. A stuck door latch can range from being a quick, easy fix you can do yourself to taking a bit longer […]