How Much do Locksmiths Cost: Everything You Need To Know

locksmith unlocking a house lock
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Locksmiths are an essential part of our society, though often overlooked. You do not value a locksmith until you need one. And when you need one, you need to think about the cost.

An average locksmith appointment will set you back $160. Depending on the kind of service, you might anticipate paying anywhere from $90 to $220. For instance, the price to change the locks on your home might range between $50 to $200, based on the number of locks, level of protection, and the kind of lock you need.

The abovementioned rates apply only when hiring a locksmith during standard working hours. For after-hours assistance and emergencies, the costs may even reach $300.

Locksmith Cost Factors

Security is essential to living comfortably at home. A reliable system of locks is necessary for the safety of your home, its contents, and its occupants. Locksmiths can do various specialized jobs, such as unlocking a locked safe, fixing a broken lock, or installing deadbolts.

When hiring a locksmith, there are some factors for which the costs might vary that you need to keep in mind. Several elements, including the service, the scheduling, and more, influence the locksmith's pricing.

Type Of Service

Suppose you recently moved into a new home. In that case, you might want to install a new lock or rekey the existing one to prevent anyone else from using an old copy that you may still be lying about. You can switch to electronic locks or get new deadbolts fitted.

Locksmiths provide a range of services at varying pricing points. Some services, such as rekeying your house locks or replacing your automotive ignition lock, need a skilled locksmith, which might raise costs.


Old locks ultimately need to be replaced because of wear, but occasionally the key has to be replaced. Call a professional locksmith to remove the broken piece of a key from the lock. This is especially useful if the car's ignition key fails.

Costs range from $75 to $400 for a new car key with a transponder linked to the vehicle's security system. If you're locked out of your home, a locksmith will cost you around $150 to let you back in. An electronic keypad that doesn't seem to be responding can also be repaired or replaced by a locksmith.

Peak Hours

Locksmiths typically operate during regular business hours; however, most customers become aware of a lock issue with their home or automobile heading out the door for the day. In other words, expect to pay a little extra for a locksmith service from 7 to 10 in the morning. You may pay $75 to $125 rather than $50 to $100.

Consider phoning the locksmith shortly after busy time or, if feasible, setting up a service call for later in the day if you don't need to get back into your home or vehicle immediately.

Electronic Locks

The price of an electronic lock varies based on the service you want or the installation type you select. To begin with, replacing the electronic keys on a system might cost up to $150.

The type of lock and the extent of the problem will determine how much you pay. A single electronic lock replacement will cost $60. These locks can be controlled entirely remotely or using keypads. To enable remote control, you may install an electronic lock that links to your choice smart home system or only to WiFi and Bluetooth.

A comprehensive smart home electronic system installation may cost anywhere from $400 to $1800 while establishing an electronic security system will cost between $100 to $400.


Don't panic if you discover yourself locked outside your home late at night. There are emergency after-hour phone lines for locksmiths, but they charge extra. An emergency visit will cost, on average, between $150 and $250.

Upgrading to an electronic lock system that can be connected to your WiFi or Bluetooth so you can operate the locks from practically anywhere may be worthwhile if you or someone at your home often locks themselves out.

Trip Fees

You could pay a travel fee to have a locksmith come to your home or vehicle. This is almost certainly the case if you reside in a more rural region. The usual journey cost is between $50 to $100. However, during rush hours, this might go to $150. Calling a locksmith after-hours might reduce the cost of the journey.

Locksmith Service Costs

As said before, the price depends on the type of service you specifically need. There are a lot of variables working here. The range of locksmith services includes anything from rekeying locks to unlocking file cabinets. Here are the most common locksmith costs that you might need to know.

locksmith unlocking a house lock

Unlocking A House

If you're locked outside your house, a locksmith will normally charge you between $65 to $180, depending on the type of door locks. That cost includes insurance, overhead, travel expenses, and any additional costs incurred based on the period of the day. Prices are higher after-hours than during regular business hours.

Changing Door Locks

locksmith changing door lock

Sometimes all your home needs is a new set of locks. They eventually deteriorate or get damaged. You must change all locks that utilize the same key if one lock has been hacked.

Changing the locks on your home typically costs between $80 to $200 per lock, but in an emergency, the price may rise to $300. An after-hour locksmith service call or electronic locks can also increase the price. It will cost extra to replace door locks if drilling is necessary or the lock is built into a handle.

Rekeying Home Locks

Rekeying needs some explanation as it's not as self-explanatory as "changing a lock," which means replacing an old lock with a new one. Rekeying a lock entails switching out the lock's operational key for a different key without changing the lock itself. In other words, the lock remains the same, but the old key no longer works.

If you've lost a copy of the home key, it is better to get the locks rekeyed. The cost to rekey locks should be around $80 to $160. You may be required to pay a trip charge of $50 to $100 if you request a locksmith to come to your house. Rekeying costs $30 to $60 for each lock, increasing your total.

It is an alternative to lock replacement and is less costly. A locksmith alters the key by moving the cylinder's pins around when they rekey a lock.

Electronic Home Lock Installation

The cost of establishing an electronic security system, which typically ranges from $100 to $400, includes a few distinct expenses. The typical cost of installing a whole smart-home electrical system, including the device itself, ranges from $400 to $1800. Anyone who frequently misplaces their keys or prefers to manage entry to their home remotely should make this investment.

Deadbolt Installation

On most external home doors, deadbolt locks serve as standard safety locks. Deadbolts typically cost $40 to $75 to install. The price of deadbolts might vary depending on the type:

Cylindrical Deadbolts: $50 - $70

Cylindrical Lever locks: $60 - $70

Mortise Locksets: $125 - $175

The locksmith will need to drill holes while installing deadbolts. They are replacing the deadbolts simultaneously; changing the ordinary keylock normally only adds $20 to the service expenses.

Installing Electronic Locks

Most electronic devices combine Bluetooth, keypads, WiFi, and biometrics. Some systems communicate with smart home hubs as well.

A simple keypad lock could cost as low as $50, but installing an electronic lock for a smart house can range in price from $100 to $500; depending on the lock system used, it can cost up to $2000 or more for more sophisticated systems.

Each type of lock has specific prices:

Bluetooth: $60 - $200

WiFi: $250 - $450

Keypad: $50 - $300

Biometric: $150 - $500

Emergency Locksmith Cost

Hourly locksmith costs typically run from 450 to $100; however, after-hour emergencies may entail higher fees of $150 to $250. Fortunately, most locksmith tasks only take around 30 minutes, while more difficult tasks will take longer. You could have to pay more if you require a professional locksmith on a holiday or a weekend.

Be wary that some shady businesses will advertise reduced upfront costs before charging more once the work is completed. So, always try to take services from a reputable locksmith company.

Since they don't maintain an office open all night, the locksmithing sector charges more for after-hours jobs. Fortunately, they are happy to provide emergency hotlines so you can enter your house whenever possible.

Key Extraction

Even though it seldom happens, occasionally, a key breaks inside the lock or ignition. It occurs when the key is old, stuck, and wiggled in the lock too frequently. You will need a local locksmith to extract the key to avoid damaging and replacing the lock. The price may range from $50 to $200. If you already have a spare key, you may make a copy of it rather than rekeying the lock.

Key Duplication

For various reasons, you could only have one house key or a single key for the car door lock. Duplicating a key is a very simple operation, whether you want a backup key or have family members that require their key for different reasons. A conventional house key typically costs $1 to $10 to duplicate. Still, a transponder key programmed to your car's immobilizer memory will cost $75 to $400.

Safe Locksmith Cost

How frequently a locksmith is requested to open a locked safe could be quite surprising. Safe-specific locksmiths can perform various operations, including changing the combination and converting a manual lock to an electronic lock. The general price range for these simpler operations is $50 to $150. Manually opening a safe will cost at least $150 from a locksmith. Pay between $200 and $400 if the use of a drill is required to open the safe.

When Should You Call A Locksmith

The most common causes for hiring a locksmith are when you've misplaced your keys, locked yourself out of your car or house, or when the key breaks in the lock, Is you wish to increase the security of your property, whether it be through the installation of a series of deadlocks or the conversion of manual locks to electronic ones, you should also employ a trustworthy locksmith.

In addition, rekeying locks is important whether you rent an apartment, purchase a new house, or buy an older one. In this manner, you may be guaranteed that no one else has the keys to your house.

Why Calling A Locksmith is Better Than DIY

First, you have to understand what DIY means. DIY is the abbreviation for Do It Yourself. Sometimes it might feel like a good idea, but it isn't. If you're having a lock-related problem and give it a try yourself, as it saves you a lot of money, you should give it more thought.

Any lock repair you undertake might make the issue worse, whether you misplaced your keys or they got jammed in the lock. If you lack skill, you also risk damaging your house or vehicle. It is preferable to call a locksmith in this kind of situation. They can provide you peace of mind that they will complete the task while saving you time and money.

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