How to fix a jammed door lock?

jammed door lock
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The lock mechanism is the primary security system of your home. Accessing the door lock to enter your home or workplace is necessary. They are the most efficient devices to keep trespassers away from your belongings. Locks stand to be the soul of the security system of your home. The ability to provide a safe home environment justifies them as a crucial part of our home.

However, every machinery possesses a certain lifespan, after which it stops cooperating. Primarily, such situations arise due to continuous use, poor maintenance and care, and the attack of foreign particles.

Maciehney is not inevitable; however, not taking its care can fasten its aging. However, you might notice some prior signs. Figuring out such signs and making the necessary changes can increase the life of your door.

Imagine coming back home, exhausted. However, you find your door lock jammed when you reach your home. It does not work the way it used to a few years back.

It's essential to figure out the real cause and fix the problem to save yourself from unexpected future expenses. You might start by looking for the root cause, and let us look at the possible reasons hindering your door's functioning.

Let us have a look at the reasons behind jammed door locks

To fix a lock, you first need to figure out the real cause behind why it is jammed. You need to ensure a complete analysis of the door locking mechanism, which will give you an idea of ways to fix the entire process. Some of the lock repair mechanisms are simple and require very less time.

Sometimes you might need a professional locksmith to resolve your complication. However, to fix a door lock, you first must figure out the complications you face. The more accurate the examination, the less time you'll take to fix the lock. Similarly, the cost varies with the amount of time and effort consumed. Jammed and stuck locks show some minor signs and indications before damaging to a greater extent.

Beginning with the door frame, check if dirt and dust are stuck in the way. Also, check the key system if anything is blocking the way, then try to resolve it.

It is also possible that there might be a broken key piece stuck inside the cylinder, which can be a possible reason behind jammed locks. Examine the strike plate, which might be hitting the wrong place, and correct its alignment.

How to repair a jammed door lock?

Depending on the door lock's problem, you can take the necessary steps to fix it. Here we have enlisted some of the major reasons and solutions for a jammed door lock problem.

A dirty door!

Lack of proper cleaning at regular intervals can be a reason behind a stuck door. Our lifestyle has made us lazy, and we resist any household chores. Therefore, a stuck lock problem can arise due to the non-cleaning garage doors and small metal parts. The basic solution to it is cleaning.

You need to check if there is any dirt deposited on the door lock and if there's, pick out your mop and start healing it. You may use a lubricant such as graphite powder or WD-40 to clear the passage through the keyway. We usually suggest the usage of a thick lubricant; however, using oil can amplify the problem even more.

Make sure you remove all the dirt and debris from the path; otherwise, the lubricant will combine with solid particles to make it appear oozy.

Did your key break inside the lock?

Accidentally breaking the key in the lock is common with old door locks. However, it can be a major reason behind a stuck door lock. Therefore, you first need to extract the broken half of the key. For that, you need a key extractor. But most of us do not have a key extractor in our homes. You need not worry because you can extract the key using a tweezer or an easily available plucker.

We recommend you lubricate the lock and start the extraction process.

Let's de-freeze your door lock.

To figure out the real problem behind the jammed lock, you first need to have a little patience.

A frozen door lock might seem rare, but it's quite common in areas with cold environments. Like any environmental factor can affect the functioning of your lock, cold air, and climate and be a reason behind a jammed door lock.

But how do to provide heat to the system?

Use a hairdryer available in your home. The warm heat will melt down the ice and heat the jammed parts. You may also use a de-icer, which proves efficient in such problems.

Is your door lock rusted?

Rust is the most common to jam the metal parts in your home door lock. There's no solution to fix rusted hardware other than its replacement. Considering the size, the lock's spring mechanism rusts before any other metal hardware.

It's best to lubricate the matl parts regularly to prevent rusting.

Check the alignment

The door is in the locked position; examine its alignment. You might easily figure out the positioning of the bold and the door latch.

Its misalignment can be a reason behind a jammed door. We suggest you call a locksmith to get it fixed.


Why apply lubricant on the door lock?

Lubricant prevents the metal parts of the door from rusting. It also acts as a barrier between the environment and the door lock, easily cleaning the entire system.

Moreover, it facilitates easy extracting of any broken piece from the door.

What is the reason behind a jammed door lock?

A lock that is jammed can be due to various reasons. The majority of it is due to improper maintenance or incorrect alignment. Check the alignment of the door-knob and then the springs and the latch. See any possible obstruction between its way and remove it if possible.

When should I call a locksmith?

If you have done every possible try to fix the door lock, it's time to call professional help. A professional knows your locks better and might help you in the best possible way.

Where do you get a locksmith?

You're stuck in this situation where you cannot open the jammed door or try doing it, but the outcome wasn't as expected, so you need not worry. ASAP Locksmith is always there to help you out. We prioritize our customers, providing 24-hour emergency locksmith services for emergency car lockouts. All you have to do is call us at 469-208-0041 and learn more about discounts and offers.

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