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Publish at Jan 25, 2022 By: Dustin Fernandez
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The door lock of your house and office is the first line of defense for your safety and the security of your belongings. However, people often lose the keys or are frustrated with maintaining separate keys for the different locks.

Thus, the question is, is there any alternative to replacing locks? Can there be the same key for all the locks? And the answer is yes!

Many homeowners choose to change the locks when they lose the current key or shift to a new house. However, rekeying locks exist. This term may sound magical to them but replacing your door locks with a new one is not only an option to choose.

Homeowners and business owners have an option to rekey their door locks. Also, rekeying can be a more suitable option than lock replacement. If you're thinking of figuring out how to determine whether you will need lock rekeying or replacement, you should contact professional locksmiths like ASAP locksmith in Dallas, TX: 469-208-0041.

However, learning about the difference between rekeying a lock and changing locks can help you make a better decision between the two.

Understand How to Rekey Locks

The term rekeying itself may give you an insight into what it means. Rekeying locks means changing the internal key pins of the lock so that you can operate it with another key and keep your home secure.

Rekeying a lock is a quick and cost-effective way to upgrade your existing locks. In simple terms, it is readjusting the current lock system to use it with a new key. You can access them with a single key when you get locks rekeyed.

What is The Meaning of Rekeying?

Whatever door it is, it will always have locks+keys working together.

Tumblers, also known as key pins, are the components inside the locks that respond to their matching key. Therefore, changes to the key pins invalidate the pairing, making the existing key ineffective.

Also, to change the key of your existing lock, you need to know what pin sizes correspond to which key depths. It appears complex but not for someone who has experience with rekeying, such as our veteran locksmiths. They can make your work quick. However, after rekeying, the old key may be of no use, and you can open or close the lock with the help of the new key.

When is Rekeying necessary?

Gain access to locks with a single key

Your house has locks that require numerous keys. By rekeying every lock to the same key, you may reduce the number of keys on your keychain and avoid confusion.

To accomplish this, make sure that each lock is from the same company and has similar functioning. That's necessary for rekeying.

You can test this before calling a locksmith by inserting your keys into the locks you want to be rekeyed to see if they have identical keyholes. If they fit perfectly, you're ready to rekey.

Even if you have lost your spare key, lock rekeying can be cost-effective to gain entry into your home.

Enhance the security of your premises

You've just moved into your new house and want to make sure you're the only one who has the primary keys, rekeying is a good idea. By having your doors rekeyed, you can ensure that only you and your family have access to your new home.

It is also beneficial when you lose a key and are feared someone may find it and use it to access your home. Rekeying a lock helps you rekey multiple locks and keep you safe, and it is a highly cost-effective option.

Disadvantages of Rekeying Locks

No security upgrade

Rekeying is done to make sure that the premise is secure. And it does help in that, but if we talk about the level of technology, it'll be the same as before. Therefore, there are no upgrades or state-of-the-art installations.

So, you must understand that if the current locks are of poor quality and you rekey them, it won't change anything. The rekeyed locks will be on the same level. In such cases, you must change the locks.

How to Replace Locks?

The significant distinction between replacing and rekeying a lock is that you will now have a new door lock.

When you replace a lock, the complete lock body is replaced. It is a far more expensive operation than rekeying locks; however, it has advantages.

It is more costly because you need to purchase a new lockset when you opt to replace the old one. As previously stated, this is not required in the rekeying process.

When to Replace or Change Locks?

Replacing the worn-out hardware

Worn-out hardware makes it necessary to replace your locks.

If your lock's components are not in a good space and rekeying is impossible, replacement is the option you should choose above rekeying.

Further, when the locking mechanism begins to wear down, replacing the entire lockset is only an ideal option for you.

Upgrade to a better security system

Another reason people choose to replace their locks is that rekeying doesn't improve security. When you go for replacing, it's possible to move from a simple lock to a higher-grade lock. For instance, you have a traditional lock system and switch to a modern keyless lock system. This is something you can't do with rekeying.

The other reasons for replacing the old locks with new locks can be that you lost keys to your lock and the cost of replacing the entire unit seems a better option than rekeying. Moreover, replacing a lock is a good option if using a low-quality or outdated lock.

Further, if you want to upgrade all the locks with the same brand locks, replacement is ideal.

Advantage of Lock Replacement

Customized to your needs

Installing new locks allows you to start with a fresh page and tailor your security to your specific needs. You can customize their appearance and feel, as well as the safeguarding level they give. You can choose from different materials, colors, and sizes to find the best ones for both aesthetics and security.

Strengthen and upgrade security

Replacing your locks gives you the opportunity and ability to upgrade to higher-security locks. You can enhance your current security protocols by switching to smart or digital locks for your house and company.

Disadvantages of Lock Replacement

High cost and time-consuming.

The cost of having your locks replaced is substantially more than other options because it includes the labor expenses and the costs for the new locksets. The more sophisticated and technologically advanced a lock is, the more expensive it will be.

Conclusion - Partner With a Professional Locksmith to Choose Between Rekeying and Lock Change

You may think to rekey the lock with the help of a rekeying kit. However, the key pins inside the lock are not adjustable by everyone. A skilled locksmith will ensure that you will be the best safety for your premises by offering various exceptional services.

Why Reach Us For Changing Locks and Rekeying?

The veteran team of professionals at ASAP locksmith is best at providing advice on replacing and rekeying locks. When you reach us, we will explain how you should proceed with our services and get the best out of them.

Feel free to contact us at 469-208-0041 right away to find out how we can assist you.

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