Cost To Rekey A Lock: Locksmith Services Explained

Locksmith fixing lock carefully
Publish at Oct 03, 2022 By: Dustin Fernandez
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Getting locked out of your house or vehicle is one of the most annoying things one can experience. In such a case, rekeying the lock is the only option available.

However, the prices for getting such a service from a locksmith vary greatly. This is mostly because different companies like to set a specific range for their services.

One thing is for sure, getting services done from a renowned company is going to be expensive, and you might even question the overall quality of their job too!

This is where our Asap Locksmith service stands out from others. We have experts and professionals who are eligible to provide you with the best of services while keeping your pockets cool.

So, want to know more regarding the cash you'd need? Read till the end.

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey Locks From Locksmith Services?

Locksmith fixing lock carefully

The expense for rekeying process varies quite a bit based on whether you are located and who you are getting the service from. You can easily rely on our Asap Locksmith services if you are based in Dallas, Texas.

At Asap Locksmith, we offer professional locksmith services, whether it is for your house or car locks.

We work with all types of locks and keys to maintain their well-being. Our professional locksmiths are experienced in changing, rekeying, replacing, or even rekeying house locks.

Apart from offering home services, we also offer emergency locksmith service and attend service calls.

That being said, we charge a minimum service fee to grow our business. This is why our emergency locksmith prices vary based on your location for roadside assistance and the service you require. 

This article offers a guideline on the legal expense of getting a new key made, whether for a house key or a mailbox key. 

Expense For Different Types Of Services To Rekey Door Locks

Locksmith fixed the lock

The prices for different locksmith services vary based on what you need. Changing locks, key extraction, and lock replacement, whether for exterior locks or manual locks, our locksmiths are well experienced in these sectors.

Since these are some of the most common services, these prices are at a minimum of $50 to $100, based on your requirements. 

Some other services provided by us and their expenses are as mentioned below -

Lock Installation

Lock installation is tedious work and requires precision and steady hands. Whether the installation is for a car lock or your door locks, the procedure is very different but requires precision.

With the experience of professional locksmiths, you can expect the expense for lock installations to be somewhere between $40 to $100.

However, the prices can vary for both doors and cars as well. For cars, the expense can be somewhere from $50 to $ 120 as locks for cars have much smaller and more intricate pieces to work with.

Rekeying Locks

To rekey locks, you can expect to spend anywhere from $ 80 to $120 for the entire process. However, if your local locksmith charges based on the hour he worked, you might need to spend roughly $75 for each hour he works.

The cost to rekey locks vary based on the door lock type and location, but the expense should not go beyond what is stated.

Even for garage door locks, or any other existing lock, you can easily get a new key made and get locks rekeyed within $75-$100 as the standard cost to rekey.

Replacing Locks

Make sure your locksmith takes and understands the locking mechanism when your existing locks have been worn down and are due for a replacement.

This is to be sure whether there is anything salvageable to reuse and avoid having to change locks completely.

Before replacing any door lock, or car door lock, ask your locksmith to get a new lock that is appropriate and suitable for your needs.

If there were any salvageable parts, you should be able to save some money instead of having to replace the lock installed already.

However, replacing an entire locking system should cost roughly about $80 to as much as up to $300, depending on your type of lock.

Types Of Door Locks And Their Expenses

There are many lock systems to choose from to protect your valuables. Since there is such a range of options, their prices vary too.

The installation price also varies depending on the type of lock you are going for. You will also be charged a trip fee and the total locksmith cost for service calls from a reputable locksmith company.

Some of the more common and used types of locks are as mentioned below -

High-Security Locks

High-security locks are commonly used in office spaces, banks, and other places where security is of utmost concern.

The prices for this type of lock are rather high as these have been tested in every way possible to ensure safety and avoid being picked on. Installation prices for these locks range from $100 to $500.

Replacement key, emergency services, and spare key prices involving these locks also vary quite a bit. The starting expenses are $50 to $200 and almost up to $500 for certain tasks.

Electronic Security System And Smart Locks

Smart locks and electronic locks, as well as electronic keypads for locks, are among the more expensive and ho-tech kinds of locks available.

These locks typically come without keys for added convenience. You won't have to experience key breaks or lodging trying to access the door hence minimizing key services and key replacement costs for these locks.

Depending on the type and brand, these locks can cost anywhere from $200 to $2000.

The locksmith cost for these locks is also rather expensive, such as installation costing $100-$500 for each lock.

Replacement parts for the smart and electronic locks are rather difficult as these are highly different from one another and aren't cost-effective.

Garage Door Locks

Apart from electronic locks, the preferred garage and front door type is deadbolt locks.

These locks are reliable and said to be the most secure type of lock there is. The lock pins on these are unique and widely available at any local hardware store. 

Opting for these new locks can save money and provide security at only $35-$80 for each. These are rather easy to replace and install.

Therefore, these locksmith costs are also low at $30-$50. Among any service locksmiths offer, working with deadbolts is the easiest. There are other types of smart and manual locks for garage doors available such as -

  • T-handle locks
  • Keyless locks
  • Garage door defenders
  • Regular locks

These are all highly reliable and ensure the locksmith prices are minimum. It is worth noting that each of these locks is highly durable and tested thoroughly to ensure safety.

The intricate mechanism on these makes it significantly difficult for burglars to pick on. However, with experience, the right tools, and enough time, all locks can be picked on to gain access.

Car Locks

Losing car keys and lodged car door locks are the biggest culprit for being locked out of cars. This is why having a good quality lock for your vehicles is important. Whether you opt for a keyless or a manual car lock, ensure it is of good quality.

The expense for a new car key can go from $50 to $500, depending on your vehicle model and the service you choose.

Getting a car key remade is probably the easiest and cheapest way to go for cars instead of having to change the whole thing.

Any experienced auto locksmith will be easily able to make you a new key for your car at a reasonable price. 

The lock cylinder on a car is typically welded onto the steering column behind the steering wheel. When needed, this can also be replaced and renewed as it is a rather common part.

Moreover, the price for the lock itself is set somewhere around $160-$190. To replace this specific part of your car, you can expect to spend anywhere around $70-$100. 

Bottom Line

So, how much should you expect to cost to rekey a lock? Well, the prices vary quite a bit depending on the service you are taking. Whether it is to get a new house key, the price depends on the type of lock.

Regardless of how many locks you have used, you can never be too sure about security. However, with our ASAP locksmith, things can go smoothly for quality and budget.

Our service call is open 24/7, and our service providers are always there to help. So, dial us at 469-208-0041 or email us now, and we'll be there at your place in no time.

Article written by: Dustin Fernandez
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