How to program a transponder key without the original key?

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Imagine leaving home, and you are about to open the car door with your transponder key. Still, even after constant attempts, the key won't open. This can annoy you and ruin your mood.

You might be worried about the solution. But do not worry. You can do the programming steps by yourself. Although the process may seem complex, trying won't hurt you. If you consider key rebooting the Ford transponder chip key, two programmed keys at a time can be done quickly. See below if the steps mentioned could help you out.

What are transponder keys?

A transponder key works on the mechanism of sending radio waves to the ignition system, and the ignition system senses it and starts your vehicle. Locks and ignition systems that work on a transponder key's codes will not work with any other key. If you lose your transponder key or stop working, there are simple procedures to reboot or program a new transponder key.

Although the process is tricky, it's worth trying. You might wonder about other alternatives available if you lose your transponder key. However, even if you can open the car door with the help of any different key, you won't be able to operate the car engine without the transponder key. Therefore, having a transponder key to run your car is inevitable.

We have mentioned some steps with the help of which you can program your transponder key without the original key:

Transponder keys that can be programmed

Several new car models are launched every year. The invention of the transponder key has completely replaced the conventional keys. Therefore, every new car launched in the market works with a transponder key. You can program the transponder key in Ford, Nissan, BMW, or Chevrolet; almost every car comes with a transponder key.

The first Ford model, which worked with a transponder key, was introduced in 1996. Since all the Ford and other car models have worked with transponder keys. Usually, the models loaded with premium car panels and advanced technology come with transponder keys.

After that, Wrangler Jeep introduced car doors and ignition switch working with the transponder key. Since then, new models, including Mercedes and Nissan, have included transponder key systems in their model.

Transponder key programming steps without the original key:

In case you lost your transponder key, it is possible that you might not be able to unlock the car. Even if you do, there is a great chance you won't be able to start the engine. Programming a transponder key without the original key is a complicated process, or I can say it's nearly impossible.

The car manufacturers design the master key so that nobody else can make a duplicate copy. There is an apparent reason behind that. A key that can be copied or duplicated becomes vulnerable to theft. The car keys cannot be reproduced without the original key to ensure safety.

Your vehicle consists of two types of systems- one is PAT1, and the other is PAT2. If your vehicle consists of the first one, i.e., the PAT1 system, then there is a high chance that you can work a self-programmed key. In the other case, i.e., the PAT2 system does not provide such liberty.

The following things you need to program a key.


Owners manual

You can always program the transponder key using the owner's manual. We suggest following the owner's manual as different car models show variations during programming.

Transponder key bypass kit

It would be best if you had tools like a Transponder key bypass kit, the help of which you can easily reprogram your fob key.

A laptop

It would be best to have a laptop if you have complex car models like Ford, BMW, Mercedes, or Wrangler Jeep. New Ford key requires programming by using a computer. If you cannot do it, you can leave the step and call a professional for help.

Complete battery supply

Battery backup is critical during the programming of a transponder key. Since the whole process requires a lot of energy, you must ensure enough battery to complete the process. If the battery drains during the procedure, you will have to charge the battery again and restart the process.

Steps to program transponder keys:

Follow the following steps to program a new key without an original key


The steps start with sitting in the driver's seat. Make sure you close the door after sitting in the car. Turn on the ignition key once you sit in comfortably. Let the ignition key stay on for around 10 to 20 minutes. Observe the security light turns on. If it does not turn on, there might be a problem with your car's battery. As we mentioned earlier, you must ensure a good battery supply.

Now, since you have followed the initial steps, let's proceed to step 2.


Now, here you need to be extremely alert. As soon as you illuminate the security light, observe the time it stays on. The security light must stay on for at least 14 minutes to ensure the proper working of the system. You have to be particular with time and note each minute.


In step three, you need to repeat the process, but slightly differently. Your alertness will be required for the whole procedure. When the security light turns off after a particular time, turn the ignition key to the off position after a time gap of a few minutes, and turn the key again in the on position. The security light should glow this time as well. Note the period till it turns back off. The period should match the one which you observed in step 2.


Proceeding with the fourth step, you need to turn the key in the OFF position again, maintaining the time gap in each process. After a fraction of minutes, turn it again in the ON direction. The security lights should also glow this time for the same duration, probably 45 minutes. Note the timings precisely.

The transponder key should work if you follow all the steps without hassle. To ensure that your transponder key has been programmed completely, you need to cross-check by turning on the ignition using your programmed transponder key.

But once you successfully program the transponder key, you should note that no other key will work since you have erased all the memory from the system. You must program them individually if you have a few more transponder keys to align with the car system.


Why is my original transponder key not working after programming another key with my car?

Once you successfully program one transponder key individually, the system erases the memory of the previous transponder keys it worked on. You'll have to reboot and reprogram other working transponder keys with the system using the same procedure to make other keys functional. Ensure you reprogram all the keys simultaneously; otherwise, you will have to keep repeating the process endlessly.

What are the steps to program more than one transponder key?

The steps you need to follow to program a few more transponder keys along with the primary key are as follows:

  • To reprogram additional keys, you'll have to be quick and precise with the timings, and you will hardly get five seconds to make it work.
  • As soon as you turn on your ignition again, immediately turn it off within a fraction of seconds.
  • Please do the same with the operational transponder key by turning it on and off.
  • Now observe the new transponder key that you have been working on programming, start the ignition using the new key, and make sure that the security lights turn on, but this time for a few seconds.

Without wasting any time, do the same process to program transponder keys. Don't forget that you have very little time to complete the process. The light turning ON indicates that you have successfully programmed all the keys.

You can program around three transponder keys at a single time.


When you have successfully programmed your transponder key without fuss, you can replace it with the original lost key. But what if the newly programmed transponder key is still not working? Now it's time to call a professional aid. For that, you can rely on transponder key premium and affordable services. One such is ASAP Locksmith services which offers the best services in the town.

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