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Publish at Feb 03, 2022 By: Dustin Fernandez
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Rushing to reach the office timely but forgot the keys sitting in the car. This is literally infuriating. If I were in this scenario, I'd rather bang my hand in the car door (Just kidding, never do this).

Since you don't know what to do, I advise you to avoid panicking. There are ways to get out of every situation, and the same is with this.

You can use standard tools readily available to make your car door open, and it would be best if you modified them to use them appropriately. If you feel that you'll end up making it worse, then don't do it all by yourself. Instead, call a professional help who can drag you out of this situation.

What to do if I accidentally locked keys in the car?

You accidentally lock your car keys inside. Do not worry. Some simple tricks and a few ways can help you open the door without the key.

It's evident that the first thing that comes to your mind is calling a friend or a family member. So, call them and ask for help.

Call a family member

Instead of surrounding yourself with a couple of strangers, it's better to rely on a family member and call them in case you lock your keys. After all, You wouldn't like to hand over your pricey car to an unpredictable stranger.

Better call a friend who either has an extra key to your car or is flexible enough to come all the way and provide you with tools that can retrieve your locked keys in the car, or at least they'll stand with you to figure out what best can be done to crack the locking mechanism. It's better to have someone by your side than to stand alone.

At best, a known can bring you basic things or readily available tools and can be modified to work.

How to open the car door without the keys?

It's best to have a spare key along, but if you don't, then some tools can be modified to be used to open a locked car door.

Use a spare key

If you mistakenly forgot your car keys locked inside, then it's best to use a spare key to make the door open.

See if you can hide your spare keys in the car, somewhere you can reach without unlocking your car. Or you can simply carry a spare key in your wallet. But make sure you bring your wallet every time along. You'd be in trouble if you forgot your wallet in the locked car.

Unlock the car using bobby pins

Unlocking the car lock can be a tricky process. But clutching at straws is better than doing nothing. Therefore, why not try such genius tricks to open locks using a bobby pin?

You need to do this carefully. Else you'll end up damaging the entire lock. Start with folding one end of the bobby pin at 90 degrees. While slightly folding the other side, bend one end of its tip. Now, push the bent side in the car lock and gently rotate it clockwise. Stop after you hear a click sound.

Bobby pins won't compensate your car key but will do the work. If the process is not going up to expectations, cease the operation and wait for a car locksmith.


Trying to open the car door using shoelaces is complicated. Moreover, this technique is only possible with older cars and not with new ones.

But where to search the shoelace? Hold on. You already have them if you are wearing shoes. Pull out one of the shoelaces. First of all, you need to make a slip knot consisting of a small loop that should be somewhat the size of your index finger. Now jiggle the shoelace towards the window borders in back and forth motion so that it can reach the length of the lock. Once the knot covers the lock, tighten it up so that you can grip it. Carefully maneuver the lock to unlock your car. Or you may also reach your nearby local locksmith.

Wire coat hanger method

Again, this method works only for an older version of a car. You need to straighten it up and make a barb at one end using a plier that you can quickly get at a hardware store.

With a solid grip, you need to insert the hanger through the spaces between the weather stripping and the car's window. Fold and push the coat hanger enough to reach the car lock and then gently pull the hanger to grab the keys in the car.

Use a slim jim

The slim jim method works on the same principle as the coat hanger method, and you just need to mold it the way you did to the coat hanger and unlock the door.

Avoid damaging your door lock; instead, try reaching roadside assistance if possible.

Tennis ball

Well, the most controversial method to unlock your car is by using a tennis ball. We are quite uncertain about the working of this technique, but trying it once won't hurt. Moreover, if your fortune is good, it might do the job.

You need to make a hole in a tennis ball using a pointed, thin, and long metal object. Now, place the spot where you usually put the keys. Squeeze the ball to vacate all the air-filled inside at once, creating force with the help of air pressure. There is a relative possibility that this trick opens the locked car.

Screwdriver and long metal rod method

As the name suggests, you need a screwdriver as a pry tool for this method. Along with that, you need a long metal tool like a skinny rod as the screwdriver alone is not sufficient.

Pull apart the car door using a screwdriver and immediately stick inside a metal rod which will support you till you reach the unlock button. Again, this method won't work with newer cars.

A significant downside of this method is damage to your car frame. Since the metal rod is robust enough to make a dent on the surface of your car, even experienced people end up making this mistake. To fix the door frame, you should reach a nearby body shop.

Using an inflatable wedge

The screwdriver method might damage the car door frame. Similarly, an inflatable wedge is another alternative to pry open the door jamb. Instead of a rod or metal tool, you can use this to open the door. Moreover, an inflatable wedge uses air to make sufficient spaces, ensuring security practices and minimum car damage.


What do tow truck drivers use to open the door of the vehicle?

They use an inflatable wedge to unlock the door. The driver slides the wedge inside to make spaces between the frame and the door until they reach the horizontal locks.

Should I break the window to open the car lock?

Breaking the window will only increase your car repair costs. Therefore, it's better to rely on a professional in such scenarios.

Does the police unlock your car to help?

Police will reach you only in emergencies. For example:

When you leave your baby inside and accidentally lock your keys in the car.

Therefore, reaching out to the police to retrieve locked keys in a car when you lost them because of your foolishness won't help.

In a nutshell

You can try various techniques to open the locked car only if your vehicle is old. Newer cars come with advanced security, and therefore, it's better to get roadside assistance.

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