5 Tips For Avoiding Being Locked Out of House

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Publish at Oct 07, 2021 By: Dustin Fernandez
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We all get locked out of our houses sometimes, and it's never a pleasant situation, especially for people who need to be at work in the morning and need to call a locksmith. One way around this problem is to make sure you always have your keys and lock them in the door when you get home.

Sadly, life happens, and we forget things like keys or accidentally lock ourselves out by mistake. When this happens, you can do a few things to get back into your house or apartment.

Today I'd want to share some advice on preventing being locked out of your house again.

1. Replace your door knob with a keyless doorknob

It will be tough to be locked out of our homes if we change the doorknob on the front door to a keyless doorknob. The only way for this to happen is by locking it from the inside and leaving without your key, which would require a lot of effort.

keyless door knob
keyless Doorknob

This is my favorite tip because I've been locked out of my own house from the inside before, and it sucks! It happened when I left for two minutes to get something from my car that I had forgotten, and when I came back, I found that the door was locked. With a keyless doorknob, you have to use a key from the outside to lock the deadbolt so you can never forget it.

As for the security aspect, you should always try to have at least two locks on your door. A deadbolt is better than just a doorknob lock, but that doesn't secure your home as much as the deadbolt does. It's also important to note that this solution won't work if you only have a doorknob and no deadbolts.

A deadbolt is much more secure than just a lock on the doorknob. If you're afraid of someone breaking in, try installing another deadbolt on your door for even better protection.

2. Use a lock box instead of hiding keys

Lock Box
Lock Box

Some people hide a key outside their home if they get locked out, but this can lead to problems. One of these problems is that burglars will look for the key when breaking into the house. To avoid this problem, it is possible to put a lock box somewhere outside, so there is always a key if you are ever locked out of your home. Anyone living in the house must know the combination of the lock box so that they will be able to access the key in an emergency. It is also possible to have a lock box visible in case you need it, but it is more secure if you have one hidden.

3. Give a spare key to your nearby family member or your neighbor

An excellent way to make sure you never get locked out of your house again is to share a key with a neighbor or family member. Have someone in the neighborhood who you trust? Someone who lives relatively close to you? Perfect! Give them a key! Sharing a key with someone trustworthy is always a good idea because, after all, they can be used as your backup when no matter what happens if you've lost or forgotten the key.

Remember that this only works best when you know well and have the utmost trust. It's also helpful for many other things around the house, in addition to being there when you got locked out. A person with a key will help in cases not only where you're locked out, but if there's a gas leak or some other emergency that needs to be taken care of. Be careful that your neighbor is always home when you get locked out.

4. Keep a spare key to your house in your car

Another great way to prevent yourself from getting locked out of your house is to keep a spare key in the car. For this to work, you would need to keep your house and car keys separated. There is a smaller chance that you would forget to take both keys with you by separating the keys. If you have one key, you will likely have access to the other.

The downside for this method is risky if someone were able to break into your car, they would be able to get access to your house as well. However, you can make sure to hide the key well in your car so no one will be able to find it.

5. Replace your standard locks with smart locks

smart lock
Smart Lock

Smart locks are a good investment for those willing to spend a bit extra, never to get locked out again. Smart locks remove the need for keys and can be unlocked with unique combinations or fingerprints. There are also smart locks that can work with Wi-Fi, allowing you to unlock the door remotely.

The downside of smart locks is that they're usually more expensive than regular ones; however, with the price of lockouts nowadays, they might save you money in the long run.

One more protentional problem to consider is that smart locks need to have their batteries changed every so often. Please make sure you get one that has a low battery warning or blinks when it's running out of power and check the status regularly yourself.


This article has provided you with 5 tips never to get locked out of your house again. With these simple steps, it is possible to eliminate the need for a spare key or lock box outside of the home and instead rely on smart locks that can be unlocked remotely.

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Remember that is always a chance of being locked out, so it is advisable to have a locksmith nearby in case of emergency.

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Article written by: Dustin Fernandez
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